Leveled Books for Guided Reading—What’s in a Number?

Thinking Critically About Text Complexity When Selecting Leveled Books for Guided Reading...There’s no way around it—when selecting leveled books for guided reading instruction, sooner or later you’re going to have to consider levels. Leveled books aren't a new concept. Grade level, Lexile level, DRA level, Fountas and Pinnell level — all of these “readabilities” exist to support teachers as they scaffold students as they read increasingly complex texts. [...]

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Building Fluency During Guided Reading

What Guided Reading Practices Contribute to Fluency? Building fluency during guided reading is essential for developing readers. Fluency is often defined by reading rate, but also includes pausing, phrasing, stress, and intonation, all of which are related to meaning. There are several ways fluency is built during guided reading. As teachers work with students in guided reading, understanding the role and expectations of fluency development [...]

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Shared Reading and Guided Reading: Learning in Context

In Shared Reading, Students Learn What They Later Apply in Guided ReadingShared reading and guided reading lie alongside each other within a gradual release of responsibility model of instruction.  One of the key ways guided reading instruction differs from other small reading groups is through this relationship to shared reading instruction. Along with read aloud (sometimes referred to as Instructional Read Aloud or Interactive Read Aloud), [...]

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Close Reading and Guided Reading

Close Reading Can Be Powerful Within the Context of Guided ReadingClose reading and guided reading can exist in the same instructional environment.  By reading closely in guided reading, a reader is encouraged to apply all their known understandings about how texts work to figure out meanings the text brings into existence.  When close reading of a text is viewed as comprehending a text in an intentional manner, [...]

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